The charming girl or a Sapa in the winter

Sa Pa is the attraction to come at all times of a year. Each year, it is attractive for different features. In summer, while it is terribly hot in many provinces in the North, Sapa is an ideal place to escape from that weather. In winter, people are excited to come to Sapa to breathe the cold of mountain and forest and imagine that they are in the remote Europe.

In the bitter cold of winter, people living in the tropical areas are longing for a chance to see the snow which is said to be seen only in the Western countries. The cold of winter in Sapa make people to feel warm and not heritage to embrace their partners.

The whole town becomes mysterious in the thick fog in winter. The ancient French architecture of the stone church near by a row of high pine trees together with the street light poles in European style make tourists feel that they are getting lost in a remote region.

Sapa in the winter with dense cloud
Sapa is blur in the white snow

At present, the transportation to Sapa is quite easy. From Hanoi, tourists can catch train to Lao Cao Station and them travel by bus to Sapa. Besides, buses with bed are also the good option for you to go straight forward to Sapa without stopping in Lao Cai.

Nothing seems to be more amazing than getting up with a cup of coffee together with a plate of fried egg while admiring the beauty of Sapa from a balcony of a hotel or a coffee shop. You will see a fresh Sapa with slow pace life under a drizzle of winter.

If you come to Sapa in winter, don’t miss a chance to enjoy a bowl of hot Thang Co which is cooked from organs of horse or pig with some spices including cardamom, lemongrass, cinnamon and so on. The dish shall quickly warm you up in the cold of winter here.


Thang Co which is cooked from organs of horse or pig

Grilled food or barbecue is also the dish that should not be ignored in Sapa. Sitting around a burning stove to enjoy some skewers of meat, beef rolled in kale or a corn will be the interesting experience. You will then see how great winter is.

The darker it is, the colder the weather is. You can drop to visit a bar to be immersed into the vivid music.

At last, don’t forget to prepared winter dresses, gloves, hats to protect your health during the trip.


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