Cat Cat Village – one of the most gorgeous villages in the Northwest

From the centre of Sapa, following the road toward Fansipan Mountain for around 3 km, you are coming to Cat Cat Village.

Located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Cat Cat is nestled in the cover of nature. The green of mountains, forest and fields overwhelms the village. The small houses of the locals are interspersed in that ground. They are all in harmony, creating a vivid colourful but romantic picture.

Cat Cat is nestled in the cover of nature

Almost 80 households in the village are located along the terraced paved road in the centre of the village. Some others are scattered on the hillsides. Passing hundreds of meter, you will be arriving in the centre of Cat Cat which is the gathering place of 2 streams of Tien Sa, Golden Stream (Suoi Vang) and Silver Stream (Suoi Bac) and the water fountain called Cat Cat (also known as Tien Sa). On the side of the stream, there are two suspension bridges of Si and A Lu which attract a large amount of tourists to come for sign seeing and taking photos.

In addition to wet rice cultivating, the Hmong in Cat Cat Village also develop some traditional handicrafts including flex planting, cloth weaving, house wares knitting and agricultural tools forging. Besides, in Cat Cat, people has long maintained the job of silver and bronze jewels making which produces lots of sophisticated products including necklace, lace, rings, etc,. To learn something about these careers, tourists can come to visit the traditional handicraft villages with very special and unique areas.

A woman is waveing cloth.

Cat Cat Village is attractive for not only the pristine and romantic natural landscapes but also the unique and diverse traditional cultural identities of the Hmong. Arriving in Cat Cat, tourists shall have chance to experience the local customs and traditionss, the beauty in religion; immerse yourselves in the charming dances of the Hmong girls or the heart-moving sounds of some local music instruments of the Hmong boys as well as enjoy the specialties like corn wine, Thang Co, corn cake and so on.  


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