Sali House – Dreamy Wooden House in Ta Van, Sapa

Ta Van is compared to be the heaven on earth by some people due to the imposing beauty ò Hoang Lien Son range of mountains. In addition, the clear streams flowing along the terrace rice fields make Ta Van more attractive. In that back ground, Sali House appears as the perfect destination for tourists coming to Ta Van.

It takes you around 20 minutes on car to reach this “western” name destination which is located at the end of Ta Van Village. The name is easy to remember and adorable as its self. At any corner of the house, you can look at the nature. This would be a memorable experience for anyone staying here.

 Muong Hoa Valley you can see from Sali house.
The colorful Muong Hoa valley, you can see from Sali House.

Staying at Sali House, tourists shall be enjoying the fresher nature than anywhere else. One of interesting places to discover is the ancient reef of around 2500 years old, explored by a French expert in 1923. After around 10 minute walking from Sali House, you will arrive at a small stream with clear water. Moreover, you can also conquer the nearby hills to come to Giang Ta Chai Village; walk on May Bridge; learn about the local life or enjoy some great dishes of Sapa including Thang Co, chicken hotpot, 3-colour-steamed sticky rice. After a long day of walking, tourists can relax with the service of foot massage provided by the locals.

In the evening, you can come to the general area to talk to your new housemates. The major of tourists staying here are foreigners, it is the time for you to practise English and make friends. If you want to be alone, you can still have a sky of stars to be your friends.

Many people come to Sali House to escape from the hustle life in cities. Thus, don’t be surprise that some can stay there for weeks. For them, a peaceful place for reading book, and cook their meals by themselves everyday and enjoy them in the cool and cold climate of Sapa is enough for a trip. 

This home-stay operates in the form of “Cooking & Culture” which allows you to buy grocery and cook for your meals without paying any additional fees. Besides, your breakfast is prepared already. Sali House also provides rice, coffee, tea, fresh water, fragrant candle and oil for free which ensure your pleasant trip there.


Sali House with the tea place see to the rice-terraces.
Sali House with the tea place see to the rice-terraces.

Sali House is a large house built of Po Mu wood for almost 100 years old. There are 5 bedrooms in total in which 3 rooms for 2 people, 1 room for 3 people and 1 for 4 people. The room rates are 30 USD, 40USD and 50 USD respectively. In addition to bedroom, there is a living room, a library inside the house and a yard, a large kitchen with sufficient cooking equipments.

Moreover, in Sali House, there is a special bathroom facing outside and a normal bathroom. Both ò them have heater. If you go with a large group, you can book the whole home-stay at the price of only 120 USD/ night. Blankets and pillows in Sali House are 100% handmade by the local H'mong.


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