Peculiar Experience in Lao Chai – Ta Van

Lao Chai – Ta Van in ripe rice season

Leaving the crowded and hustle town of Sapa, you will be arriving in the peaceful and quiet places of Ta Van and Lao Chai commutes. Putting steps on these villages, the first thing impresses you must be the immense terraced rice fields on the hill sides.

Coming to these villages in April or September, you will have chance to admire the great picture of ripe rice fields. This is also the merriest and cosiest time in the region. The fragrance of rice combines with wind, spreading into the air that enchants tourists to come to experience the life in this remote area.

A such yellow rice-terraces in the harvesting season.
A such yellow rice-terraces in the harvesting season.

The diverse culture

In addition to the spectacular sceneries of nature, tourists coming to Lao Chai- Ta Van will have chance to discover the beauty in culture of the locals here. Located at around 7 km from Sapa town, Lao Chai is a commute of 100 households of the Black Hmong. The Hmong here get experience of wet rice cultivating in the low fields of valleys. Besides, they also plan corns, cassava and rice on the hillsides and mountain sides behind their villages.

Next to Lao Chai is Ta Van – the home of 40 Giay households and a small amount of people from other ethnic groups. The Giay prefer a stable life, so they choose to live in the lowland in valleys or nearby rivers and stream where they can plant rice. At the same time, the Hmong are more interested the high lands which facilitate them in maize, cassava, potato and upland rice cultivations.

Trekking Route Lao Chai - Ta Van for tourists.
Trekking Route Lao Chai - Ta Van for tourists.

Ta Van faces Muong Hoa Valley and leans on Hoang Lien Son range of mountains. From this village, it is quite easy to move to some famous tourist attractions of Sapa including Cau May (Cloud Bridge), Ta Phin, the ancient reef, Silver Waterfall, Giang Ta Chai, etc.,

Interesting trekking places

With the imposing beauty of terraced rice fields, mountains or water fountains, it is not an exaggeration when saying that Lao Chai and Ta Van are the two ideal destinations for trekking. Walking to visit the villages can help us to not only enjoy completely the natural beauty but also understand better about the local life, and culture.


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