9 Must-try Experiences in Bac Ha Market

Let's try tasting some street foods in Bac Ha. 

1/ Street foods: From 7:00 am, street foods are presented for sales in all corners of Bac Ha Market. Entering in from the main entrance, tourists will see the street food vendors on the two roadsides and inside the market. Some kinds of cake in Bac Ha Market are sold at the price of lower than 5000 VND.


2/ Thang Co: Thang Co is one of the most renowned specialties of the Bac Ha and also the whole Northwest. Thang Co pans smoking a corner of Bac Ha Market is also an attractive feature of this village fair, especially in winter. It takes you around 30,000VND to enjoy a bowl of Thang Co.

 Pho noodle of Sapa

3/ Sour noodle: Another good dish of the locals in Bac Ha is sour noodle. In this market, there are a lot of stalls providing this dish. A bowl of noodle filled with meat, sour vegetable, rice noodle, herbs and other spices is served at the price of 20,000VND.

 Orchids and bonsai for trading in Bac Ha Market.

4/ Bonsai and wild orchids: At the gate of the market, there is an area selling many different kinds of wild orchids. Each tree costs from tens of thousands to 100,000 VND.

 Herbs and medicinal plants are sold in Bac Ha market.

5/ Herbs and precious medicinal plants: Some kinds of precious medicinal plants including ventricular, codonopsis, multiflorous knotweed harvested by the locals are available for sales in the market. Tourists can buy them as gifts for family and friends or for personal use.

 Ethnic women in Bac Ha market, Sapa.

6/ Talking to and taking photos with the locals: They are the locals who only dress up to attend the market for products purchasing and selling. Both local and international tourists are interested in learning about the local daily life, talking to them or taking photos with them.

 Foreigners often likes the brocade of Sapa.

7/ Buying brocades: Brocaded cloth of the local in Bac Ha is the material for not only their daily dresses but also a lot of souvenirs which meet the demands of tourists. In Bac Ha Market, there is a large area for brocades only, so tourists should be careful to avoid fake and low quality products.

 Wine made from corn is sold in Bac Ha market.

8/ Enjoying corn wine: One of the famous drinks in the Northwest is Ban Pho corn wine – a specialty of the Hmong and the Dao in Bac Ha. The corn wine area is next to the road leading to brocades area. Even though you are not interested in this kind of drink, you will feel excited when passing this area and smelling the fragrance of wine yeast.

 Bac Ha market is the most crowded one of Sapa.

9/ Cattle and poultry section: This area is at the end of Bac Ha Market, on a high hill separated with brocades and foods areas. This is the place where locals sell dogs, chicken, pigs, buffalo and so on. The area is always crowded as together with the locals, a lot of tourists from other places also come to find their favourite pets.


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