7 Attractions On The Road To Bat Xat

The remote and solitary trekking to Bat Xat can make you want to come back. However, only keep moving forward help you fall in love with the unique imagines of a highland. 

1. Milestone 92 – Lung Lo

Located on the area of Lao Cai province, this milestone is the border mark between Vietnam and China and also the mark of the starting point of Red River. Milestone 92 is the place that everyone coming to Lung Po wants to visit one time. The milestone stands there as a soldier guarding the country.

People said that the milestone is set up there to identify the border between two nations and mark two certain ends. However, up to now, no end or border can be seen. The visible thing is just a natural picture with airy, immense and imposing space.

Airy, immense and imposing space

2. Terraced rice fields

The vast terraced rice fields stretching from Y Ty commune to Ngai Thau commune show us how skilful and talented the locals are. The rough hills have turned into fertile terraced fields with eye-catching structure which sometimes in powerful deep green and sometimes yellowing a corner.

Coming to this region at around September and October, no one can ignore the fields in sparkling yellow. The Hmong and Ha Nhi famers here are work hard despite hot weather. They work and talk and smile that creates a vivid picture.

3. Lao Chai

Let’s come to Lao Chai to directly witness the unique cultural identities of Ha Nhi ethnic group. They live in villages closing together with the earth houses that look strange and firm. Their clothes are colourful and sophisticated under the skilful hands of Ha Nhi women. This ethnic group has their own calendar with different holidays and festival from other communities.

Unlike other hustle and bustle cities, Lao Chai gives us the true and profound feeling about the life in the mountainous area of Vietnam which is simple, gentle and easy. There is no cinema, no shopping mall, no super market as well as the business and the noise.

Peoples are working on the corn ray

4. Y Ty Park

Being an empty lot at the end of the road leading to Hoan Then Village, Y Ty “Park” plays a really significant role in the local life. This is an interesting place for cloud watching and also a stop for traveller after a long journey as well as the destination for eye-catching photos with amazing natural landscapes.

The park is considered an entertainment paradise, the meeting and talking place for Ha Nhi children. There is no slide tube, no trail or any animal, this park is only the place for children to meet and play with each other. It is as simple as the soul of the Ha Nhi.

 Rasberry - a famous place which everyone want to visit
Rasberry - a famous place which everyone want to visit

5. Ngai Thau

This is a bordering commune in the North of Bat Xat district. Similar to other mountainous areas, this commune is often covered with thick fog. The place is said to be born for people who are into discovering.

Riding a motorbike on the winding roads, at the same time seeing beautiful natural landscapes, taking photos or climbing mountain, discovering the nature are all amazing experience you can get here. located at a high position, this is an ideal place for cloud hunting.


6. Ky Quan San or Bach Moc Luong Tu

Ky Quan San is the natural milestone demarcating two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. It is also the highest mountain peak of Bach Moc Luong Tu range of mountains in Sang Ma Sao commune. The mountain serves as one of the highest mountains in Vietnam at the height of 3045m.

The height sounds tired, looks tired but is tired to be experienced. On the way to the mountain peak, there are numerous nice spots for checking in with the diverse and unique ecosystems. It is merry and bustle to visit this mountain while it is romantic to come with your lover. Ky Quan San seems to be an obedient child who can satisfy everyone.

The feeling of standing on a height, enjoying the achievement of climbing is so great. You will see high mountain, blue sky, yellow sunshine, feel the cold, especially the clouds covering everything. Some active clouds run quickly, following the wind while some lazy ones flow slowly and the “old” clouds seem to be standstill. Once reaching to the peak, nothing can come out from the minds of tourists as they are fascinated, attracted by the immense, romantic, and imposing space.   

Bach Moc Luong Tu in the sea of cloud

7.  Nhiu Co San

Mountain climbing is difficult and mountains of sophisticated terrains are more challenged to be conquered. It would really be a challenge to conquer Nhiu Co San in the winter when the mountain is immersed into ice and snow.

Cold climate with thick fog, high humidity and low temperature are the unfavourable natural conditions of this land. However, if you visit it, let’s one time try on challenging ourselves by climbing to this mountain which is considered one of the 10 highest mountains in Vietnam.

It would be really tired and dangerous to conquer the mountain, but it’s also interesting to feel the victory of your own limitations. Stepping on the mountain peak, watching the sky and cloud, taking photos and smiling in pride about yourself would be the amazing thing you get once climbing to the mountain peak.

Co Nhiu San in the icy day


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