Surprising Beauty of The Fogy Land Y Ty

Located at about 68km to the Northwest from Bat Xat district, Y Ty seems to be covered with mist all year round. The sun is hardly seen to shine here all day long. Thus, people call Y Ty with a more intimate name of the “fogy land”.

People rumoured a couple of verses which mean when monsoon come, arrive in Y Ty and Ta Xua to catch the cloud. The best time to visit Y Ty is winter and spring when we can witness a sea of white clouds with some villages sunk in that sea, creating an imposing but romantic picture as a fairy land.

Sea of clouds in sunrise

The residents in Y Ty include Hmong, Dao, Giay, Ha Nhi people and also a group of the black Ha Nhi which is one of the smallest ethnic groups in Vietnam. The Ha Nhi community is quite friendly, the children here are so cute and naïve.

Arriving in Y Ty, the typical architecture to see is the earth houses of the Ha Nhi. The house is in rectangular shape with firm and long lasting earth wall. The roof is in the shape of the pyramid. This kind of house is cool in summer and warm in winter. Some houses at the age of hundred years old, but remain firm to live in.

However, not many ancient houses remaining here, but they are interspersed with new houses. In that way, Y Ty is the great destination for travellers who are in to experiencing and discovering the peaceful and simple but interesting villages

The earth houses of the Ha Nhi

Additional information

To come to Y TY from Hanoi, you buy train ticket to Lao Cai or catch buses to Sapa. you then move a distance of around 70km to reach to Y Ty.

  • - From Lao Cai, the most appropriate route would be Lao Cai – Bat Xat – Trinh Tuong – Lung Po – A Mu Sung – A Lu – Y Ty – Muong Hun – Sa Pa – Lao Cai
  • - From Sa Pa, the suggested route is Sa Pa – O QUy Ho – Ta Giang Phinh – Muong Hun – Den Thang – Y Ty – A Lu paddy field – Den Sang – Sa Pa

Currently, the road leading to Y Ty has been upgraded, so it is much easier to move there than ever before. 

Arrive in Y Ty, you can overnight at the rate of only 40,000VND to 50,000 VND per night and enjoy the service of herb bathing of the Red Dao for relaxing after a long journey. The price of this service is also between 40,000VND and 50,000VND.

Similar to some other Northwest mountainous areas, you can enjoy the dishes of wild pig, running chicken, kale and so on at the affordable price.


Roll meat with vegetable is very delicious

Best locations for taking photos with clouds:

From Y Ty, you ask for the road back to Ngai Thau around 4 km where you will find a path leading to a village on high mountain. From this point, you will see the amazing see of cloud.


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