07 most impressing specialties to buy in Sapa

Come to Sa Pa, you must buy some its specialities to taste and bring to your home. We will tell you Top 7 Sapa's specialities that you should care along your trekking route.

1. Brocaded products 

Brocaded products are available for sales at all tourist attractions in Sapa, but you may get the wrong products from China or textiles without carefulness. The true brocades of the locals are harmonized in colours with a bit rough stitches but not as smooth as the textile products. Thus, you must be careful before buying brocaded products as gifts for family and friends.
Suggested addresses:
  • - Shops of Lan Rung (Wild Orchid) Brocade Cooperative: No 2 Phan Xi Pang – Sapa town / No 29A, Cau May – Sapa town
  • - Phố Núi Sapa shop at No. 13, Cau May – Sapa town.
  • - Sapa shop, no 48 Cau May, Sapa
  • - Hoang Thao Shop - Nguyen Chi Thanh Street – Sapa town
  • - Sa Pa Hemp  – no. 19, Cau May, Sapa
  • - Sapa Market

 Brocade is a very popular souvenirs in Sa Pa.
Brocade is a very popular souvenirs in Sa Pa.

2.    Sapa mushroom

When the summer rains start to pour, the mushroom season in Sapa starts. The mushroom here is sweet with gentle fragrance. Thus , it’s great to buy some Sapa mushrooms back home to cook for your family or as gifts for relatives. If your living place is not so far from Sapa, you can buy fresh mushrooms. Otherwise, dry ones are best choice for a long distance. The price of this product is around 50,000VND or 600,000VND per kg. 

Sapa mushrooms are tasty and nutritious with thin petal, bright colour, small foot, tough and gently fragrant. These are the differences to distinguish with planted mushroom. Sapa Market and are other nearby areas are the ideal places to buy mushroom. 

3.    Dried buffalo meat

This dish is originally produced by the black Thai aiming at storage food for rainy season or the long journey in forest. Meats are cut and marinated with spices before being hung on the kitchen roof for smoking. They are lowered after 8 months or 1 year, with the smell of smoke which is a bit difficult to smell, but the longer you chew, the better the meat tastes. Piece of fragrant and spicy meat are unforgettable for anyone who used to enjoy.

This kind of meat is available in Sapa Market at the price of between 800,000 VND and 1000,000 VND per kg, depending on the quality. To buy the true and high quality dried buffalo meat, you should look for it in some villages of Sapa including Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lao Chai, etc,.

Dried buffalo meat is a strong spicy smell of northern highlands of Vietnam.
Dried buffalo meat is a strong spicy smell of northern highlands of Vietnam.

4.    Forest apple wine/ San Lung Wine

Two famous kinds of wine in Sapa include forest apple wine and San Lung wine which are all made by local ethnic people from the forest fruit and leave yeast. Forest apple wine is immersed with forest apple with special smell of apple and the acrid sweet taste. San Lung in the other hand is pinked with a traditional and secret yeast of the Red Dao.

Leaving Sapa after your trip, don’t forget to bring back these two kinds of wine as gift for your friends and family. You can buy apple wine at Sapa Market while good quality San Lung wine can be bought at San Lung VUllage, Ban Xeo commune, Bat Xat district. 

5.    Muong Khuong Chilli paste

This specialty is made by the local in Muong Khuong district, from the fresh chilli with typical flavour in compare to those in other regions. Muong Khuong chilli paste is made from chilli, garlic, seeds of coriander and dill, cardamom, cinnamon, salt, wine and water in a traditional secrete ratio to create a widely renowned paste. This specialty is the present that cannot be ignored when you come to visit Sapa. its price is ranging from 35 to 40,000 VND/ bottle.

Chili sauce is do by hands in Muong Khuong.
Chili sauce is do by hands in Muong Khuong.

6.    Sapa pear and forest apple

September is the starting time of Sapa pear and cat apple season. The Sapa pears are gently sour, cool which is smaller and less smooth than pears exported from China. This kind of fruit is sold at the price of around 25,000 VND per kg.

Cat apples in Sapa currently have largely been brought from Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai as the area of natural cat apple in Sapa is now not very large. These two places are said to be the best addresses for cat apple. This kind of fruit when ripe is suitable for producing vinegar and immersion wine. You can buy cat apple at Sapa market or some stalls nearby the church.


Sa Pa pear.
Sa Pa pear.

7.    Sapa plums and peaches

Sapa plum is the kind of big and green plum which turn yellow when ripe. It is gentle sweet without sour and is planted a lot in O QUy Ho and surrounding areas of Sapa town. The price of this fruit is various ranging from 20,000 VND to 50,000VND per kg, depending on the productivity every year. Sapa peaches on season are sold along the streets nearby Sapa Church at the price of 30,000VND to 40,000VND per basket of around 3 kg.

Very cheap and sweet plum in Bac Ha - Sa Pa.
Very cheap and sweet plum in Bac Ha - Sa Pa.


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