Sapa Travel With The Smiles of The Black Hmong and The Red Dao

In Sapa, the Hmong and the Red Dao are the two most populous groups. According to studies, the Dao has a close relationship with the Hmong. The Dao in Sapa are mainly the Red Dao as the women there often wear red scarf or hats with black green clothes with white and red decoration patterns at collar and at piece of shirt. Their dress is said to be the nicest one in Sapa.


The dress is said to be the nicest one in Sapa

The Hmong community residing in Sapa is mainly the Black Hmong as their clothes are almost black. However, they are totally different from that of the Black Hmong in other regions, so they are called the Hmong Sapa.


You can visit the Hmong in some villages including Su Pan, Y Ling Ho, Lao Chai, Cat Cat


The Black Hmong used to refuge to China around 300 years ago.


The Hmong language was Latinized in 1961 but has not popularly used up to now.


The Black Hmong women have long been famous for their dresses of cloths made from hemp and dyed with the deep indigo blue. Their dresses include a long shirt decorated with barik flower, short trouser and long scarf surrounding neck. They wrap their long hair around the head and wear a blue folded towel. Men wear shirt with a long coat with bell and a small hat. At present, some Hmong people also wear the clothes of the King or western dresses.  

H'mong Black man and woman is smiling

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