Best Places For Your Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam

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  • Trekking Tips For You Into Sa Pa Vietnam
    30-09-2017 03:35:30

    Travel in the form of trekking has recently been popular in the world, and it has been the same in Vietnam for the recent 4 years among the people who are both into the nature and activities.

  • Sapa Travel With The Smiles of The Black Hmong and The Red Dao
    30-09-2017 02:56:05

    In Sapa, the Hmong and the Red Dao are the two most populous groups. According to studies, the Dao has a close relationship with the Hmong. The Dao in Sapa are mainly the Red Dao as the women there often wear red scarf or hats with black green clothes with white and red decoration patterns at collar and at piece of shirt. Their dress is said to be the nicest one in Sapa.

  • 07 most impressing specialties to buy in Sapa
    29-09-2017 23:10:07

    Come to Sa Pa, you must buy some its specialities to taste and bring to your home. We will tell you Top 7 Sapa's specialities that you should care along your trekking route.

  • Surprising Beauty of The Fogy Land Y Ty
    29-09-2017 09:13:51

    Located at about 68km to the Northwest from Bat Xat district, Y Ty seems to be covered with mist all year round. The sun is hardly seen to shine here all day long. Thus, people call Y Ty with a more intimate name of the “fogy land”.

  • Go to Ta Phin exploring the customs of the Red Dao
    29-09-2017 06:29:32

    Hmong, Red Dao and Giay are the 3 most crowded ethnic groups residing in Sapa, Lao Cai. Each of them has its own cultural identities that make them attractive to tourists. One of the names that should be mentioned is Ta Phin Village – the gathering place of the Red Dao with their worth-discovering- traditional customs.

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